CarUI (Android)

CarUI 1.6

Use this app while in your car. Quick access to your GPS software, music program, phone dialer or whatever you want. Direct control of bluetooth, volume and brightness.
Replaces the stock Car Home app with added features, like custom launched applications selection, mute notifications, automatic GPS activation, autoanswer calls, auto speaker on call, audio to BT mono...
And it starts automaticaly when you car-dock your device or connect it to a bluetooth headset!!!!

New: Support for Ericsson LiveView!!!

  • Big and easy to reach icons to launch most needed applications while driving.
  • GPS Navigation and Music applications can be selected among all the apps installed.
  • Icons for Navigator, Music, Phone, Bluetooth, Backlight and Volume.
  • Autorun of CarUI wjen docking the phone in the card-dock..
  • Autoanswer calls and auto Speaker for hands free talking.
  • Automatic start of GPS and bluetooth.
  • Mute notifications while driving to avoid distractions.

  • Android 1.5 to 2.2 and up compatible.
  • Autorun on dock works only with compatible car-docks, usually phone maker official accesories.
  • Due to Android limitations, Bluetooth features aren't available until Android 2.0.
  • Due to Android limitations, autoanswer and automatic GPS On doesn't work since Android 2.2. We are working to solve this

V1.6 development news:
  • Show selected program icon in buttons
  • Four program buttons (previously three).
  • Select program long pressing the button.
  • Now shows well in all display sizes.
  • Option to start when connected to a specific BT device, optionally with external power.

V1.5 development news:
  • new option for redirecting all PDA audio to a Headset or Handsfree bluetooth in mono mode. Only for Froyo. In some devices, due to a bug on the first Android 2.2 version, the device could reset once this feature is used and the BT is turned off.
  • New Bluetooth icon for Audio Connected to HFP, HSP or A2DP.
  • Option to block multimedia bluetooth controls (AVRCP) in order to avoid automatic music launch when connected to a stereo BT device.

V1.4 development news:
  • Solved Autoanswer with all HTC devices.
  • Solved localization problems.
  • Added Backlight Auto mode and solved backlight doesn't work with Auto activated..
  • Solved an issue that in certain cases could make Ring volume set to minimum.
  • Better GPS management on Android 2.1+.
  • Added preferences for remembering last bright and volume levels.
  • Support for Bluetooth control on all Android OS from 1.5 to 2.2 and later..

Download CarUI from the Android Market.

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