Monday, February 17, 2014

PhoneWeaver and CallWeaver now developed and supported by Sesma Europe

Hi all,

During long time the develop of both PhoneWeaver and CallWeaver has been too slow. Only minor changes has been added during last year, but this is starting to change!

Sesma Europe is now behind the development of those two great applications. Here you will find the manual pages for all the products. We are just starting and maybe the pages are still a little brief... but we are working around the clock to get this up and with great content ;)

We have just released two minor updates with the new support links, help pages and other minor changes in order to adapt the applications to Sesma Europe. Currently we are refactoring the code and updating all the libraries to the latest versions. And soon we will start to adapt the functionality to the newer devices! So be prepared to great features.

More and great changes are to come. Stay tuned!