Monday, February 17, 2014

PhoneWeaver and CallWeaver now developed and supported by Sesma Europe

Hi all,

During long time the develop of both PhoneWeaver and CallWeaver has been too slow. Only minor changes has been added during last year, but this is starting to change!

Sesma Europe is now behind the development of those two great applications. Here you will find the manual pages for all the products. We are just starting and maybe the pages are still a little brief... but we are working around the clock to get this up and with great content ;)

We have just released two minor updates with the new support links, help pages and other minor changes in order to adapt the applications to Sesma Europe. Currently we are refactoring the code and updating all the libraries to the latest versions. And soon we will start to adapt the functionality to the newer devices! So be prepared to great features.

More and great changes are to come. Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Atiler Birthdays for Windows Phone released!!

Great news for Windows Phone Users! Atiler Birthdays is here to help you being the most polite of your friends ;)

Be warned about upcoming fiend's briddays. Atile Birthdays provides a Live tile that shows when a contact birthday is soon to happen. The application gives you extended information about soon to hapen friend's birthdays and allows you to be the most kind person they know ;)

Extermely easy to use, Atiler Birthdays provides a main page with the upcoming birthdays of your contact, ordered by the days remaining, shows how old they will become and the exact date of the birthday. 

As a Panorama application, sliding this screen the all Birthdays screen appears.Now all the birthdays are grouped by month, starting today and finishing next year "yesterday". Tapping a month label you can jump to any month without needing to scroll.

A live tile is provided that shows how many birthdays are soon to happen.

You will never forget to get a present again! an even more, in the reverse of teh tile you get the names of the upcoming birthdays contact for your convenience.

There are lots of features to come also... Stay tuned!!!

Atiler Bithdays is available at the Windows Phone Marketplace:
Link: Atiler Birthdays

Monday, March 12, 2012

SBSH PhoneWeaver for Android v2.3 Released!

PhoneWeaver for Android LogoGreat new week fellow Android users! Just a few weeks following our recent PhoneWeaver v2.2.9 release, we’re excited to bring you today the new PhoneWeaver v2.3.0 release!
Today’s new version is packed with great new features: new Android 3.x and 4.0 ActionBar and themes support, several improvement and much more! As with all our updates, this new release also includes fixes for various issues reported by our dedicated PhoneWeaver community. We sure hope you’ll love it!
As always, the new PhoneWeaver update is available for free to all registered users. Just download the new version from the Market and install it on top of the current version to enjoy the latest and greatest.
If you haven’t started using PhoneWeaver yet, be sure to give it a try today – you’ll love it! :)
Click here to get PhoneWeaver via the Android Market, or, scan this QR code using your phone:
PhoneWeaver for Android QR Code
Let’s move to the interesting part! Read ahead for the full details about this new release.

PhoneWeaver 2.3.0 Highlights
1. More icons and different Task bar icons – New icons designed especially for the ultra high density screen devices recently released. The new version icons also improves the look of the current icons with other devices. The new version also adds 144(!!) new profile icons, tripling PhoneWeaver’s icon store size – giving you much more personalization options to meet with each and every user specific needs.

1. New Actionbars in all the application screens for Android 3.0+ users. The one for the main screen uses a light theme and shows a edit button along with the "more" points.
The Action bars for the rest of the app uses the default device theme, Holo on ICS, and when necessary shows aditional buttons and or the "more" points.
The Action bar for the edit profile tab screen integrates the tabs when space is enough, like on landscape or tablets.
In all the screens except the Home one, the icon on the left of the Activity bar can be used to navigate UP one level.
2. Modified 1x1 Widget to avoid problems with the alignement.
3. Added Japanese Language.
4. Now PhoneWeaver auto, unlock any locked profile, but only from the main screen and not from the 4x1 widget.
5. Solved an issue with Locked profiles being shown incorrectly when nearby profiles were moved.
6. Fixed an issue that made notification tone not selectable on ICS with restored proefiles
7. Editing Notification tones didn't show the selected tone.
Downloading & Registering PhoneWeaver for New Users
It super easy to get PhoneWeaver through the the Android Market on your phone. Open the Market app on your Android and search for “PhoneWeaver”, or, scan the following QR code using your Android:
PhoneWeaver for Android QR Code
You can also click here to get PhoneWeaver via the new Android Market web site. If you would like, you can also download PhoneWeaver trial version from the Market here.
Users that already registered PhoneWeaver in the past will find the new update waiting for them for free via the Market application on your Android. Just download & update to the latest and greatest. :)
This sums up the 2.3.0 release. We continue working around the clock to bring more exciting things and have some awesome great new surprises arriving, both for PhoneWeaver, SafeWallet and our other apps – don’t go far & stay tuned! :)
If you love PhoneWeaver, please give us a hand spreading the news with others and press one of the share buttons: Retweet/Like/+1, and help us spread the news about PhoneWeaver to more Android users. This is helping us very much! Thank you very much for the help!! :)
We really appreciate your support and feedback. Feel free to let us know what else you’d like to see in PhoneWeaver or in general!
Thanks and looking forward for your feedback. Hope you’ll enjoy the new PhoneWeaver release!
- Miguel -